Dental Implant Patient Testimonials - McKinney, TX



Below are real testimonials from Dr. Shoemaker’s dental implant patients. Read below to hear actual accounts about how dental implants have benefited their lives, and then schedule your own personal consultation by contacting our office.


I had heard from a friend about this great dentist, Dr. John Shoemaker, so in September 2012 I decided it was time to visit with the dentist. I had a missing  tooth, which affected my smile and my ability to chew. I am a grinder and know that once you are missing a tooth the others begin to shift and drift affecting your teeth negatively. I didn’t want to sacrifice my teeth on either side of the extraction for a bridge as they were healthy and in no need of dental work so a single implant was the best solution for me. I also had a mini smile makeover on 3 of my front teeth and I feel like my smile looks like it did when I was young. I am so pleased. I smile so much more and tell everyone about Dr. Shoemaker and how his dental expertise has improved my smile!


When I was ready to see if I was a candidate for implants I called and made an appointment with Dr. Shoemaker whom I had seen in his television commercials. We discussed my best dental options and found an implant denture could change my life. My dental implant surgery was great! I was given oral sedation and it went well. I received my prescriptions in a timely fashion with clear, understandable instructions. The staff did their best to help keep me happy; I did not enjoy the few days of a soft diet. I have always smiled a lot but now I want everyone to see my beautiful white smile so I am smiling even wider than before. I used to have to excuse myself from the table to clean the food from my mouth but not anymore. It is like a miracle as I can now eat steak and actually chew it up! Dr. Shoemaker and his staff worked great together. They are caring, helpful and absolutely wonderful. I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Shoemaker. I feel that Dr. Shoemaker's is the place to come for all your dental care needs!


My dentist in Frisco said one of my back teeth could not be saved. I knew I did not want to have a missing tooth and did not want a removable replacement, which left the option of an implant.  My Frisco dentist referred me to an oral surgeon for an extraction, another dentist for my implant and yet another dental office for my implant crown. I decided to spend some time and research implants and whether there was a dental facility locally that could perform all the procedures in one location. In my research I found Dr. Shoemaker’s dental office fit my needs perfectly. His office did my extraction, placed the implant and the implant crown. Everything was well laid out and his office was very informative about the stages of my treatment. I am able to eat and chew as if my implant is my own natural tooth.  I have a full complement of teeth and am maintaining adequate bone.  My time and money invested for my tooth was well worth it and I would do it all again if necessary. My experience with Dr. Shoemaker and his staff has been very positive.


I was nervous when I came to meet Dr. Shoemaker. I had been to several other offices for consultations about my dental health. But my nerves were eased immediately upon meeting Dr. Shoemaker and his staff. I knew I was losing teeth and bone and that the bone loss would continue if I didn’t do something. Dr. Shoemaker answered all of my questions and was so professional.  After all my concerns were addressed and we discussed my options my decision to choose implants was the best for me. I never smiled before my surgery but I can’t help but smile all the time now. I feel better, have no pain and am more comfortable in public. I spent more money than I planned but I am so glad I did.  Dr. Shoemaker and his staff will answer any and all of your questions or concerns and will educate you every step of the way. Other than my internist I have never encountered a more friendly or professional environment.

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