Dental Implants

Dental implants are small titanium inserts that are used to replace the missing or damaged roots of teeth.  These artificial roots are surgically implanted into the gum tissue and jawbone of the patient in the area that has been affected by tooth loss.  Once firmly in place, dental implants are crowned with replacement teeth that are custom fabricated at one of the nation’s foremost dental laboratories for results that are truly aesthetically pleasing and that are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.  Dr. John Shoemaker can utilize dental implants to replace single missing teeth, sections of lost teeth, or even to support a full-arch dental prosthesis for those missing most or all of their teeth on the upper or lower jaw.  Prospective patients will need to attend a dental implant consultation with Dr. Ross where he will perform a comprehensive exam of their oral health and will address all of their questions, concerns, treatment goals, and expectations.

Benefits of Dental Implants

When tooth loss occurs, the damage can continue long after the teeth are gone.  Receding gums can endanger the health and longevity of remaining teeth and atrophy of the jawbone can begin to cause a loss of structure and bone mass.  These slow and steady changes in the anatomy of the mouth can render conventional types of teeth replacement options such as removable dentures and bridges ineffective over time.  Dental implants offer a permanent and non-removable solution for missing teeth, failing teeth, and ill-fitting removable dental prostheses. Dental implants can be used to provide a complete replacement for the functional and aesthetic properties of teeth without ever needing to be removed for cleaning, maintenance, or while you sleep!

The Dental Implants Process

At Dr. Shoemaker’s McKinney, TX practice, our dedicated team endeavors to ensure that our patients are as comfortable and informed at all times while they are under our care.  As such, Dr. Shoemaker makes the dental implant treatment process as convenient and streamlined as possible for our patients.  The four basic parts of the treatment process for replacing missing teeth with dental implants are: initial consultation, oral surgery, recovery period, and then the placement of final restoration.

Patients interested in dental implants will consult with Dr. Shoemaker at his McKinney, TX practice in order to determine whether they are good candidates for treatment.  If patients meet the requirements for implant placement then they will be scheduled for oral surgery.  If oral health conditions exist that could threaten the success of the dental implant treatment such as receding gums or jawbone loss, then they will need to be addressed prior to the placement of dental implants.  Dr. Shoemaker offers supplemental procedures such as bone grafting to effectively fortify areas of patients’ jaws that have lost structure or mass.

Once implants have been successfully placed and have permanently integrated with anatomy of the jawbone by the process of osseointegration, patients’ implants will be ready for the permanent replacement teeth.  Dr. Shoemaker will replace any temporary restorations with the custom laboratory crafted replacement teeth.  The permanent restorations will be fitted for comfort, bite, and proper orientation before being permanently affixed to the dental implants.  A quick buff and polish and patients can share their new smiles with the world!

Dental Implant Consultations in McKinney, TX

Dr. John Shoemaker has been treating tooth loss in patients from McKinney, TX and many other neighboring communities of Texas for over 27 years and has developed a sterling reputation for the impressive results that he is able to continually provide.  Dr. Shoemaker takes great pride in his ability to utilize his training and artistic eye to restore not only his patients’ smiles, but their enjoyment in the everyday activities of life.  Be sure to view our patient testimonials page to see what actual patients have to say about their experience with our staff and Dr. Shoemaker!  Our practice also offers a number of dental implant payment and financing options for those concerned about how to pay for their treatment.  All that you need to do is to contact our McKinney, TX office to schedule your dental implant consultation with Dr. Shoemaker today!