Dental Implant Treatment Process

Initial Patient Consultation

Dr. John Shoemaker and his dedicated staff make the dental implant treatment process as simple and convenient as possible for patients with one or more missing teeth.  We endeavor to ensure that our patients are as informed and comfortable as possible during their time in our care while getting dental implants.  Before patients can receive their dental implants, they will need to be examined by Dr. Shoemaker during their initial consultation at our McKinney, TX practice.  During this consultation, Dr. Shoemaker will discuss all of your treatment questions, concerns, and expectations in addition to conducting a thorough examination of the anatomy of your mouth.  Dr. Shoemaker will inspect the areas of tooth loss and will also be looking for potential problems in the gum tissue and jawbones of patients.  If tooth loss is left untreated for too long, then additional oral health challenges like receding gum tissue and jawbone loss can result.  If these conditions are present, then Dr. Shoemaker may recommend a corrective procedure such as dental bone grafting to address these concerns in the months prior to the placement of dental implants.

Oral Surgery for Implantation

If a patient is deemed a good candidate for treatment with dental implants by Dr. Shoemaker, then a routine outpatient oral surgery will be scheduled for the placement of their dental implants.  The procedure will be performed under local or general anesthesia to ensure the comfort of the recipient throughout the duration of the treatment.  Once anesthetized, the oral surgeon will make small incisions in the gum tissue in order to expose the underlying area of the jawbone in which the implants will be placed.  Next, highly specialized instruments will be used to prepare the jawbone to receive dental implants.  The prepared areas will then have implants installed in the optimal locations and in the most effective orientations.  Once the installation of the implants is complete, the surgeon will suture the implant sites in order to allow the healing process to begin.  Temporary restorations may be provided at this stage of treatment to serve during the interim while permanent replacement teeth are being fabricated.

Healing Period after Implantation

The recovery and healing process is one of the most crucial parts of the dental implant treatment process offered by Dr. Shoemaker.  The bio-compatible titanium from which dental implants are crafted actually stimulate the growth of new jawbone tissue in the areas that they are placed.  This biological process is called osseointegration and it is responsible for providing the unrivaled level of stability, comfort, and strength when supporting replacement teeth.  Osseointegration requires several months to complete, and patients must be committed to a good oral hygiene routine before, during, and after treatment in order to afford the best chances of immediate and long term success.  After Dr. Shoemaker determines that the patient’s implants have successfully integrated with their oral anatomy, they will need to visit our McKinney, TX practice one more time to have their permanent replacement teeth affixed.

Natural-Looking Replacement Teeth

At the final visit of the dental implant treatment, patients will have any temporary restorations removed and the areas will be prepared for placement of permanent replacement teeth.  Dr. Shoemaker will test fit the permanent restorations for proper fitment, size, shape, color, and occlusion.  Once satisfied that with the location and orientation of the restorations they will be permanently affixed to the abutment portion of the dental implant.  After a quick buff and polish, patients can leave our office with a brand new smile and the beaming confidence that comes with it!

Contact Dr. Shoemaker for Dental Implants!

Dr. Shoemaker openly advocates the use of dental implant supported teeth replacement options instead of conventional removable dentures and bridges because of the number of important advantages and benefits that they can provide in addition to the complete and permanent replacement of lost or damaged teeth.  Missing teeth can damage more than just your smile, they can also cause plenty of embarrassment, discomfort, and inconvenience for those affected.  Unfortunately, dentures and bridgework are also only temporary solutions for treating tooth loss as they will eventually lose their fit and will need to be repaired or replaced.  Dental implants are the only tooth replacement treatment that is designed to last a lifetime!  To learn more about why dental implants are often preferred by dentists and patients alike be sure to view our dental implant FAQ page!  If you are ready for a permanent solution to your seemingly endless dental problems, then contact our Sherman, TX dental practice to schedule your own dental implant consultation with Dr. John Shoemaker today!